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Through Lights and Shadows 7/39

Through Lights and Shadows 7/39 published on 13 Comments on Through Lights and Shadows 7/39

Dex: You don’t have the clearance to know about my —

Thorn: — Secret Order of Monster Hunters?

Dex: What.

Thorn: Yeah, I’ve dealt with some of you before. Like the battleaxe with the green hair who calls everyone “darling”, and the one in black who . . . you know, with the . . .

Dex: Right, I know who you mean, the one who has . . . hair.

Thorn: And some kind of face.

Dex: Probably.

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I guess Thorn has built up a level of immunity to WiB’s effects if he remembers even this little bit about her. Does anyone know if he’s been able to remember her before?

Damn. Now they need to kill Kale because he heard too much.


WiB steered Kale away from Thorn and Leif at Summerfest, and Niamh was apparently feeling much better when Thorn got home.

Acai ordered Kudzu be taken alive, and pressured the Ceannic judiciary to allow him to walk under the sun again, even when Kudzu didn’t want to.

I’m willing to bet that the Secret Order of Monster Hunters – Dark Magical Girl Division doesn’t exclusively exist to protect citizens from Kale, or even from dark magical girls… it also exists to protect magicals who stray and are returning to the light, both from citizens and from themselves.

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