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Through Lights and Shadows 9/39

Through Lights and Shadows 9/39 published on 25 Comments on Through Lights and Shadows 9/39

Kale: Thorn, forget it! It doesn’t matter why they’re here. Official or not — If anyone has a right to take me out — it’s them.

Besides, you’re not fast enough to stop me from getting stabbed . . . I don’t want you fighting over my dead body for my non-existent honor . . . And I don’t see anybody swooping in to do a last-minute rescue.

So please just let them do it and go, okay? I —

I’m glad you’re here. That’s enough. Way more than I thought I’d get. You don’t owe me anything else.

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Erin won’t *actually* kill him………. r-right….? Even if he moves away… I can live with that one. But she wouldn’t…. Would she?

I’d put heavy odds against it. I personally can’t conceive a way to make killing Kale off at this juncture a satisfying ending for the readers. Erin’s a better writer than I am, though.

As for Kale moving away, I’d put it at even odds that Kale and his handler will be accepting of that possibility, and Thorn will reject it on the basis of it’s taken Kale this long to start actually reaching out. Yes, he has this success to build on, but if he goes into protection again, that means losing Thorn until/unless he eventually goes public as Sun Mage Two:Electric Boogaloo This time he’s good, we swear.

As for Kale’s last line this strip? That’s just BEGGING to make Dex stall longer on the basis of “why are you so desperate for me to stab you?!”

I like how we approached this from completely opposite directions.

Different angles for the same conclusion.

Your “Erin would have tagged Character Death” is the stronger argument, though.

Hey, please don’t discuss the spoilers this directly! If someone didn’t read the content warnings, it means they didn’t *want* to be spoiled. (I hid the text here with some grey css, so people won’t see it by accident skimming the comments, but that won’t help the readers getting email notifications)

Forget the readers. I think Kale just removed any way for Dex to get any satisfaction from killing Kale.

There are some villains where the worst thing you can do to them is let them live. Dex is at least starting to realize that `Kudzu` is one of those villains.

I think it’s going to be less “letting you live is the best revenge” and more “if you’re not going to beg for your life the way I imagine my devastatingly wonderful husband begged for his, I’m not going to get anything out of killing you.”

This. If it were about killing K, K would’ve been dead in the kitchen and Dex would be out of that house like me from a vegan buffet. Dex wanted to gloat, to get that justification that K was that monster. We’re probably in for a long motive rant on how Dex’s husband didn’t deserve it, was trying to help K, yada yada yada.

Come on Agent D/WiB! Swoop in at the last second and stop this already! (Assuming this is the last second)

Hmmmmmm not not yet I think. I’m going to guess any stabby dramatics will happen on… page 11 or 12.

Since we’ve got a Sunday subplot, I think 11, unless a full spread is desired enough to push off a page of Hyacinth–

Actually lemme check. Ok, Hyacinth hasn’t been weekly, that subplot skipped the 21st of June in favor of 1/39 of this here plot, so if Hyacinth’s social life is definitely an every other Sunday thing right now, then the 5th of July will be another main arc page ripe for dramatic reaction shots and graphic stabbing.

…This has me wondering whether the SOoMH knows what D10’s up to and how much of it they’re allowing to happen. Acai’s proven to be an almost Xanatos-like figure with plots within plots and motives or end goals that are largely inscrutable and sometimes seemingly trivial; what if this is being allowed to happen (to a point?) as part of some sort of crucial developmental moment for Kale? Or Thorn? Or Leif? Or some combination thereof?

Poor Pascentia. Dex didn’t even consider that their plan would make her an accessory to murder, did they? They *could* have waited until the party was over, tailed Kale from there, and kept her out of this whole mess. But no, Dex decided to murder Kudzu at Pascentia’s boss’s party, in her boss’s sister’s house. After being introduced to her boss as her plus one.

What are the odds that *Pascentia* swoops in to do the rescue here?

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