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Time and Tides 1/33

Time and Tides 1/33 published on 4 Comments on Time and Tides 1/33


Violet: Hey, Rowan! The twins are on the production of Leachtric now, right?

Rowan: Yes — and before you ask, no, they can’t get you tickets.

Violet: Well, just tell ’em the soundtrack is amazing and they are crazy lucky.

Rowan: I, ah . . . haven’t actually sat down and listened to the songs yet . . .

Violet: What are you waiting for? You got no family loyalty?

Rowan: All right! I’ll put it on at the gym today.

The gym today.

Violet: Rowan? You okay? You haven’t moved in like ten minutes.

Rowan: This music is GIVING ME LIFE.

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*reads content warning, braces self*

Radical change of subject: what is Leachtric about? Is it the Ceannic Hamilton? And most importantly, how do you pronounce it?

It has Hamilton similarities! More details will be pieced out over time.

I’m going with Lee-och’-trick, the middle syllable pronounced like the Scottish “loch.” The original word is leahtric — I’m trying to be bolder about fussing with spellings to make them more intuitive to Anglophone readers.

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