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Time and Tides 13/33

Time and Tides 13/33 published on 7 Comments on Time and Tides 13/33

Rowan (thinking): Maybe I should invite Violet over to study at home . . . How contagious are the whispers, anyway? Better look it up.

[Article] Spiritually Transmitted Acute Dysphoria (STAD) is a state of mental disorder, involving feelings of depression, lack of self-worth, and existential crisis.

Colloquially known as “the whispers” because it is contracted via malicious spirits “whispering” negative ideas.

It cannot be transmitted person-to-person, but non-infected people should take care around infected ones, because frankly they can get kinda scary.

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…what’s the probability that this is just regular depression, and happens to be more prevalent in her neighborhood because people are constantly struggling financially and don’t have good psychological support systems? because I’m guessing like, 100%, but they DO have water spirits in their showers, so who knows

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