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Time and Tides 15/33

Time and Tides 15/33 published on 9 Comments on Time and Tides 15/33


Violet: Well, it was quiet.

Rowan: That’s just the twins coming home! They’ll be through in a minute.

Violet: Twins? Identical?

Rowan: Yep. Totally genetically the same.

Violet: They ever mix it up, play tricks, pretend to be each other?

Rosie: Hi, Rowan.

Rowan: Hi Rosie, hi Rhodey.

Violet: Ah.

Rowan: I mean, they could, but the trans one wouldn’t have fun with it.

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I find hard to believe this. The cis one can crossdress, can’t they? And even if the trans one would feel like crossdressing when dressing like their birth sex, they can definitely find some instances where it would be worth it. I mean, with this obstacle, people would expect it less, so it would be more effective …

I bet you they do it all the time to Rowan, but they never actually tell him so he’s really smug about it and thinks they don’t. Rowan seems to have that sort of attitude.

Though Rowan might be referring to the fact that their hair is styled drastically differently, so it would make it more difficult. I mean, they’d have to either cut their hair or grow it long, and the whole wearing clothes or hair that lines with your birth designation might bother the trans one.

I like how Rowan specifies that they’re genetically the same and not identical. Also I LOVE how they live in a world where Rowan can be all like “I have a Trans sib” and it is no big deal. <3

I love how he doesn’t say which one is trans, because he has a brother and a sister and it doesn’t matter which one is trans.

Oh yeah, I didn’t notice that! For some reason I had just assumed Rhodey was Trans, but Rosie could just as well be the Trans sibling.

By the way Cipher and Ember are both me, I just forgot that I recently started going by Cipher online. It just feels weird to still go by Ember when I’m a demi boy (I usually perceive myself as male/masculine, but sometimes I don’t really have a gender).

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