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Time and Tides 16/33

Time and Tides 16/33 published on 15 Comments on Time and Tides 16/33

SLAM (2)

Rowan: Ah!

Violet: Who’s this now?

Rowan: Oh, that’s just Mr. Aspen! He’s an in-law, and my private physics tutor.

Aspen: Hello, Rowan. Who’s your friend?

Rowan: This is Violet! She’s the reason I had to put off sessions for a while — she needed emergency math tutoring.

Aspen: Is that so?

Violet: It is, sir. I’ve been making remarkable progress, and it’s all thanks to Rowan taking so much of his time to help.

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Why is it the second I saw panel three I was just like NOPE?


I have a great-aunt who does that. *shudder*

I mean by itself it seems like an innocuous gesture of affection, but Rowan’s reaction in panels one and two tells me otherwise. Him being startled by the door in this page but not the page before implies he knows who entered the house and he it isn’t someone he is looking forward to see.

As for panel two…look how distraught he looks to see Mr. Aspen. I’m pretty sure Violet has picked up on it too.


Would you like to ride the NOPE train with me?

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