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Time and Tides 18/33

Time and Tides 18/33 published on 2 Comments on Time and Tides 18/33

Limestone Cliffs: a neighborhood on the edge of the Gulf. Mostly Feabhric. Mostly poor.

Beachfront property on the Gulf is cheap, because it floods every time the tide comes in.


The name is mostly wishful thinking. The only cliffs in sight are on advertising billboards.

Rowan (thinking): Violet says she spends all her time at the library . . . it’s not real close to the next stop, but I can walk . . .

Magnolia: This way! Keep moving, please. Once you’re past the barrier, we’ll have snacks.

Resident: There’s no point! Don’t you see? We’re all broken inside . . . even the children . . . snacks won’t help!

Magnolia: Yes, dear. That sounds perfectly logical, not the whispers talking at all.

Is that all the residents out?

Rowan (thinking): Okay, so I make the next right . . .

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That’s got to be a cheery job, guiding folk out of the outbreak zone.
Sidenote: I mixed up Magnolia Persil and Sugar Pommier and was left wondering how old the rest of the cast is because “Sugar” looked older when Rowan was “just a sparkly-eyed youth of fourteen.” Then I went back for to start my weekly archive dive…. and boy was my face red.

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