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Time and Tides 19/33

Time and Tides 19/33 published on 9 Comments on Time and Tides 19/33

Of the three common types of spirits:
Fire burns nature
Water quenches fire
Nature feeds on water

In case you wanted to play in-universe rock-paper-scissors.


Magnolia (runes): [Scanning all drives . . .]

This outbreak of whispers is carried by nature spirits, so it gets to be stamped out by fire mages.

Magnolia: That’s all the infected out. We can begin clearing the area. The only possible risk left . . .

Bramble: Magus Persil is SO COOL.

Fire mage : She’s going to be Minister of Prophecy one day, you watch.

Magnolia: . . . would be if someone new had wandered into the area who was unusually susceptible to being infected very quickly.

Rowan: This is the library, all right! So why is it closed?

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What kind of nature spirits are they? And what are the reasons trained professionals shouldn’t be around any other infected?

The mean kind.

It’s not that the professionals shouldn’t be around the infected. The problem is that a person with the whispers won’t be cured by a general-purpose cleansing spell. If you don’t pull them out and give them individual treatment, they’ll still be contagious after you leave, and the infection will start spreading all over again.

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