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Time and Tides 21/33

Time and Tides 21/33 published on 4 Comments on Time and Tides 21/33

Thorn: I think I’ve heard this story. Little Violet saved you, right?

Rowan: Of course! She’s the classic broadsword type — a born hero. I mean, my memory got all fuzzy at this point, but I take her word for it.

Young Violet (thinking): Finally safe to walk home around here. No reason Rowan woulda stayed at school this long . . . I better just head home . . .

Resident: Yo, what’s that idiot doing on the ground?

Violet: !!

Resident: He gon’ freeze to death there, if he don’t drown first.

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Something is obviously wrong with me because my first thought about the last panel is” “at least he wouldn’t have to deal with Mr. Aspen anymore.”

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