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Time and Tides 2/33

Time and Tides 2/33 published on 14 Comments on Time and Tides 2/33

Rowan (singing): I am the very model of a modern noble Knight-At-Arms / I’m brimming full with chivalry / With knowledge and unfailing charm

Peach (singing): I know our mythic history / Sir Rhodon and her dragons slain

Violet (singing): I work out astronomically / The times the moons will wax and wane

Rowan (singing): For when it comes to chivalry / To knowledge and unfailing charm / Leachtric is the model of a modern noble Knight-At-Arms!


Rowan: What’s going on with Juniper?

Thorn: They’re the only person in our generation who doesn’t like show tunes.

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How do people actually know this musical? I discovered it because I love musicals and pirates, but how would people who don’t get musical recommendations on Youtube find it, since it’s a very old operetta?
Old as in over a hundred years old, as compared to all the modern musicals that most people know, like Cats, that pop up everywhere from time to time. I pretty much never see Pirates of Penzance anywhere unless I go looking for it specifically.

Music Cipher:
Panel 1: “Rowan” “Peach”
Panel 2: “Violet” “orF” “Thorn” “ipe”
Panel 3: “Rowan”
So, singing their names, cute!
….I am not confident about those 3 letter ones, but those are the most likely letters from what I’ve seen. “ipe” could’ve been “NBe”. “orF” definitely starts with “or-” but the last letter isn’t anything lowercase I’ve seen, so could still be a j,x or z.

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