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Time and Tides 28/33

Time and Tides 28/33 published on 7 Comments on Time and Tides 28/33

One explanation later:

Rowan: . . . and that’s how gravity causes the tides!

Cute Bar Guy: Okay, then explain me this: How come it’s high tide here when both moons are on the other side of the World?

Rowan: You wanna know something crazy? That sounded like a question! But I know it couldn’t have been — and you know why? Because if you really cared about the answer, you would’ve taken thirty seconds at some point in your life and looked it up!

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By the way, here’s an answer to the Earth equivalent to that question. It’s all about vectors.

If you want really simple answer which is still not completely wrong, the answer is centrifugal force. Sure, explaining one ‘fictitious’ force with another instead of looking at vectors is lazy, but some people might find it easier to understand, as they have personal experience with centrifugal force.

Wow, that guy was annoying. At first thought the tides were about water levitating, so when he figured out the truth he assumed everyone was explaining it wrong, instead of considering that maybe he just didn’t think about it hard enough :/

I’m kind of with Rowan on this one though because that guy is SO SMUG like “okay but if the planet rotates around the sun then why does the sun rise and set? CHECKMATE, YOU ROUND-EARTH LOSERS!!!1!”

If he was honestly curious, it would be one thing, but he’s clearly just trying to prove Rowan wrong. With stupid.

Rowan was so right for this, honestly. It really helped articulate the problem I have with that sort of smug know-nothing attitude in a way I couldn’t and it’s helped me realize arguing with such people is a waste of time. You can take a horse to waves but you can’t make it care about the real science of them.

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