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Time and Tides 30/33

Time and Tides 30/33 published on 10 Comments on Time and Tides 30/33

Rowan: Given what was done to me as a kid . . . and given the way I have a whole lot of casual sex with no problem, but can never keep up a long-term relationship . . . do you think maybe I am broken? Just a little?

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I would say no, he’s just an ass who always needs to be right.

Or more seriously, he may want more than just casual sex but also require a partner of intellectual parity to him.

It’s not about HIM being right. He just hates when somebody is wrong. And it might actually be a reaction to the whispers.

Also: Everyone is broken a little. Even the most got-it-together individual on Earth has cracks. We are all fragile human beings just trying to get on with our lives.

Just because there’s a crack in something doesn’t mean you throw it away. <3

even the most busted, broken piece of crockery can be useful, so long as the effort is put in to mend the cracks… and sometimes it can even turn out more beautiful for having gone through the experience. See the Japanese art of Kintsugi. TL;DR- take a piece of broken pottery, and repair the cracks with a lacquer impregnated with powdered gold/silver/platinum. The cracks aren’t gone, but are instead accentuated, shining in the light, making the piece unique.

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