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Time and Tides 5/33

Time and Tides 5/33 published on 8 Comments on Time and Tides 5/33

Rowan: Maybe he just looks young for his age?

Peach: Not compared to my son and his friends.

That’s about what an average fourteen-year-old boy looks like.

Violet: Rowan!

Rowan: Whaahah?!

Violet: Snap out of it. You okay?

Rowan: Who, me? Fine. Just thinking about . . . nothing relevant.

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Oh… oh.

…I had actually thought it was Juniper’s reaction to the song, but I guess not…

Have I missed something important?

There’s a content warning for this storyline on the first page of it. Raen is referring to what it said this storyline will deal with.

Yeah I saw that too, I was just wondering if there was some secret context clue to that yet.

Based on what I can gather here – it’s likely Rowan was one of those kids who looked much older than he was, and some *things* happened because of that…

Worst that’s happened on my end of it is people offering me champagne when I was fourteen, but I can imagine it would be worse if someone thought you were a consenting adult and…

My assumption was more that he might have been *told* he looked so much older. Obviously adults can’t help themselves when teens look just like adults, right?

So seeing what 14 actually looks like and integrating just what a terrible lie he’d been carrying around in his head for however long…

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