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Time and Tides 6/33

Time and Tides 6/33 published on 7 Comments on Time and Tides 6/33

Thorn: The kid’s pretty impressive, all right. When I was that age, the most consequential thing I’d ever done was win a fencing tournament.

. . . which Mom swore she would be able to see, because she was managing a rock group that was going to have their big break any day, so she would make a ton of money and be home soon . . .

Rowan: I’ll always remember being fourteen.

That was the year I first met Violet.

Rowan (past): Sure, I’d be happy to tutor!

Rowan (narrating): . . . wait, I should remember myself looking younger.

Rowan (past, take 2): Sure, I’d be happy to tutor!

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