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Time Out 2/10

Time Out 2/10 published on 11 Comments on Time Out 2/10

WiB: How do I get through the time loop?

Acai: I have no idea.

It’s safe to take a loop off, if you’d like. I recommend playing with the cats. Good at taking your mind off a temporal crisis, cats are.

WiB: How can you have “no idea”?! You’re the Time Mage! Isn’t this what you’re for?

Acai: Young lady, I only know the time loop can be solved because the future you come from still exists. That’s what you’re for.

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Wait, this sounds like a giant hint.

The future exists, so she just needs to go to the future and ask someone else how she did it!

(Or ask Future!Thorn. If she knows that’s an option.)

Sure, sure, universe-ripping paradoxes, yep, that’s already been established, but isn’t that what’s been happening every loop anyway?

I have a theory.

We know that Future Thorn has a stable time loop and his target is today. I theorize that WiB has been unknowingly breaking Thorn’s loop by convincing present Thorn to go to the embassy before meeting Future Thorn. Taking a loop off will allow Future Thorn to do what he remembers his future self doing.

WiB is going to be even madder when she learns that the way out is to stay in and play with cats.

My expectation is, WiB came through the first time because Thorn didn’t go to the embassy.

Bad things happened because Thorn didn’t go to the embassy, so WiB was sent to enable Thorn to go to the embassy. Which then motivated Future Thorn to come back here.

However, we don’t know how many attempts it took for Future Thorn to even have the possibility of coming back here.

To be clear, I don’t think WiB failed the same way every time. It’s just that something goes wrong every time.

There doesn’t need to be any first time.

But yes, the situation must be complicated enough for Acai and Future Thorn each having at least one problem which needs to be solved – and it’s unlikely it’s the same problem.

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