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Time Out 3/10

Time Out 3/10 published on 5 Comments on Time Out 3/10

No worries, I’m sure that answer wasn’t anything important.

WiB: You’re sure it won’t . . . ooh, ruin the timeline forever, if I sit back and let it crash this round?

Acai: Oh, it’s safe to go through a lot more loops than this. Ask me how I know.

WiB: Have you ever done it yourself? Or do you always offload it on agents like me?

Acai: You don’t want me doing it myself.

WiB: . . . because it’s easier with an agent from a post-loop era? Or is there some other —

Acai: Let’s order a bit of takeout. What are you in the mood for? My treat.

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*This* Acai has never been seen out of bed (…since Kudzu?) but why not send *next* Acai? *Next* Acai would also be born after the loop … except would also remember the things that *this* Acai did after resolving the loop and oh yeah time paradox.

Have I mentioned time travel makes my head hurt?

I have the feeling that the reason WiB is tasked with this rather than Acai is the system is at least semi-protected from paradox if the person working the task depends on the task for their existence. If they do something that causes them to no longer exist, when they report in, Acai’s alerted to the time skew and can instruct them to go back and not do whatever they’d done that loop. If Acai was doing the task, the WiB could cease to exist and Acai would never know.

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