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Time Out 4/10

Time Out 4/10 published on 13 Comments on Time Out 4/10

New in Leif & Thorn: Off-Shoots: Hostiles break into the ice cream shop, start activating Dex’s defense measures.

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WiB: What I want is some comfort food. The kind that has to be imported from Sønheim.

But I didn’t order any recently, and there’s no time to get a delivery now, the loop will collapse before it gets here . . .

Unless that’s the kind of thing you can use your time-manipulation powers for?

Acai: Not when I know I’ll need to rewind this later.

Keeping one temporal anomaly stable? Easy enough. If we start stacking them on top of each other? Then it starts to get tricky.

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I thought the purple tint might indicate that Acai and WiB were thinking about Future Thorn, as opposed to the last panel shifting our perspective to what Future Thorn is up to. So I looked back at Let Me In to see if instead it’s from early morning lighting. And I saw both that a similar kind of orange tint was used for Thorn imagining possible consequences of checking on Kale and that the dawn lighting changes over the course of the morning, at one point pretty close to what we see here. Inconclusive!

Is there someone else in Central you can steal them from?

…great, now it’s time travel *ethics* that’s breaking my brain

I’d say the ethics isn’t that hard to work out. There’s just one question to ask:

– How do the ethics work out if this turns out to be the loop that resolves?

Of course, that is a complicated question, especially if there’s a chance that *somehow* the theft could be a factor in making the loop being the one that finally resolves.

I like how you are mixing ‘explain time travel’ with the conversation. Breaking the fourth wall with a Q&A is good- especially for world building stuff that no charator would feel a need to explain – like maps, magical girls, gender-stuff.
Alot of explainations in fiction can feel like they are reading a script. Its really satisfying seeing you include it diageticly so well!

PS When my middle school sibling told me they feel iffy about gender- specificly what to wear, I showed them the Cennic fashion Q&A. Which made them feel better.

Wait, is WiB Leif’s long-runner mother?

I had the impression Leif’s long-runner mother is Katya’s little sister. I think their appearances are distinctly different enough to think Katya’s little sister isn’t going to grow up to be WiB. Sure, she could later on be WiB in another life, but that feels overly complicated to me.

Also, her appearance is similar enough to Iona for me to expect there’s more of a connection there. I’ve no idea if that’s a familial relationship or simply a fandom strong enough to have her grooming herself to more resemble her “hero”. However, I expect her motivation to be involved in this is somehow tied up in Iona.

I noticed that the comfort food is the stuff Kale wanted and the the stuff Thorn made for the party. In the time loop the little girl was going to give Leif a bag, I going to say it is the cookies that Kale wants.

Yeah, I’m going to guess that after Future Thorn saves the day, WiB will be able to get some of her comfort food from one of the Thorns. Which she’ll really need after finding out that the loop resolved “without her”.

Now, I doubt that the loop really would have resolved without her. She’s done so much, I’m sure at least some of it made positive impacts. But the concept that she’d already done enough probably will not be something she’s open to receiving quite yet. It’ll also be really hard to get her in a state where she *is* able to receive it, because normally one does that by reminding them of all the things they did do, and everyone else involved forgot.

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