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Time Out 6/10

Time Out 6/10 published on 11 Comments on Time Out 6/10

I thought about making this a callback to an earlier restaurant strip, but ended up doing more webcomic homages instead.

The two chefs are a shoutout to Cupcake War Machine, and the Ubercorn rider is a nod to Penny Blackfeather.

Deliveryperson: Ubercorn Eats delivery for “Euterpe”?

Chef 1: Right here!

Chef 2: It’s going to the Second Life Resource Center, right? I know a secret about that . . .

It’s for Acai!

Chef 1/Deliveryperson: WHAT?!

Chef 2: That’s right, the Time Mage herself gets takeout! That’s the code name she uses.

Chef 1: Oh, that’s smart. Good for her security.

Chef 2: . . . I think it’s just that “delivery for Acai” sounds like a prank.

Deliveryperson: Must be awkward for the few regular people whose parents really did name them Acai. Does she usually order this much? Or do you think she has . . . company??

Chef 2: If she is, call back and let us know? “Party caterers to Acai” would look great in our marketing.

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Opsec breach, now Acai needs to move her whole operation and rebuild her network somewhere else.

You know, I hadn’t fully considered before how TERRIFYING the existence of an unrivaled state Time Mage must be for every rival government. Her ability to rollback time presumably effects the whole world, so not only can Ceannis counter surprise actions, but as far as other countries know Ceannis could be periodically doing “test runs” of launching invasions or superweapons to collect data and then just rolling back time. (I don’t think the government of Ceannis as we have seen it actually would do the latter, but other countries can’t just trust that.)

Unfortunately it won’t do good for your marketing because this day will (probably) reset before you have a chance to make use of the info.

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