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Time Out 7/10

Time Out 7/10 published on 3 Comments on Time Out 7/10

Look, it’s a Penny Blackfeather homage, of course the unicorn has to have Parrot Power.

At first I was just going to do this “delivering to an unmemorable person” gag, then I realized you could get a bonus Sunday strip out of “the outsider POV on what it’s like when a wildly famous magical girl orders takeout.”

Rider (thinking): Who in the world does the Time Mage have over for lunch? President Romarin? Some kind of extreme-long-runner support group?

Is the newest version of Rhódon incarnate down there??

WiB: Leave it at the door, thanks.

Rider: It was just Acai there! Nobody else. I guess the extra was for her cats.

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