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Time Out 8/10

Time Out 8/10 published on 12 Comments on Time Out 8/10

Acai: . . . and at the end of that life, I left it all to a museum. All the modern art, rather. They politely declined the parakeets.

WiB: . . . don’t like it, but I see why “Kudzu gets the Whispers” is such a nightmare scenario that they’d — No, this is not food for kitties.

Acai: . . . don’t know how good you have it. Before the medical microchips, we had these dreadful herbs for period control. Worked like a treat! Tasted of pond scum.

WiB: I don’t “have it” good or bad. I, uh, don’t physically — — Oh. There goes this loop.

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Huh, maybe the WiB doesn’t have a uterus?

Does anyone remember if she’s turned up on any Pride pages? …okay, silly question *grin*

(Actually, she did turn up on one… with an unreadable sign.)

… damn, I wanted to hear more about the “Kudzu gets the Whispers” nightmare scenario …

I’m gonna guess that in that scenario, Central is a loss to the tune of “we sterilized the capital region to spare the rest of the nation” because it went from just ‘the whispers’ to ‘The Soul-Deep Howl of Despair’.

Pretty much, yeah.

After all, Montmere was the kind of thing that happened when Kudzu had people/things he cared about protecting, and a sliver of hope that his actions could make the situation better (or at least, keep it from getting worse).

Huh, I guess this is how WiB knows when she needs to do something. Go through your day, if the time loop breaks, you know you need to go do something. Otherwise, you’re all good.

On a side note, I suspect sending a Person in Black back in time is a way for Açaí to select which timeline prevails or to prune bad timelines, since sending someone back forces all the time line to lead to that person’s birth….

Yup. I suspect Acai’s future self has the same protection from being the one sending them back. However, each of those only protects those particular individuals and there’s many possible ways that the timeline could be to get to one of them. As such, having both provides more stability on the selected future timeline.

Sure, I understand that it’s possible that Acai pulled WiB from the future instead of future Acai sending her back. However, if that were the case, why would WiB know future Acai’s pet situation? WiB has met future Acai, it seems reasonable to suppose that future Acai sent WiB back.

I will say that this is the first time the WiB has gotten caught in a loop like this.

Usually her timeline-protecting goals are pretty straightforward. “Kale didn’t transform at the opera in my history, because if he did it would’ve been big news and I’d know about it, therefore I need to keep Kale from transforming at the opera.”

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