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Time Out 9/10

Time Out 9/10 published on 9 Comments on Time Out 9/10

So this is “where people are by late morning” if the WiB doesn’t interfere at all.

…with Violet and Rowan, now in the aftermath of Only One Bed, this is probably where they’re going to be no matter what.

Rowan: And I’m thinking, “You’ve directed how many kissing scenes in your life, and never noticed this part–?”


Kale: Hrngh?

Offscreen voice: You in there! Open up!!

Leif (thinking): They can’t get through the Embassy gates, right? Where is Thorn?!

Future Thorn (thinking): Okay. Took a while. But that’s a good sign, right? Just like she predicted, probably.

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Spoiler warning for anyone who plans on watching through all of SG-1.

At this point, I’m starting to wonder if this really isn’t going to end like Window of Opportunity. The person causing the loop in that episode didn’t want to accept his wife was dead, and was obsessed with trying to see her again. At this point, I’m seriously wondering if Acai or Future!Thorn aren’t doing the same. Whatever they think their “perfect” result is, they aren’t going to get it.

The difference is in Window of Opportunity, The person causing the loops was trying to change the past in vain, as his “perfect” can’t happen, and he never even got close to going far enough back to even see his wife one last time.

Acai just wants “Good Enough”, and The Woman in Black is from a time in which the Good Enough has already come to pass… so they can’t just shut it down, as WiB has already affected her own timestream.

It all hinges on what Future!Thorn is here to do or keep from happening or force TO happen…

But are Acai and WiB actually causing this loop? Or are they just trying to fix what Future Thorn’s messing up, and just don’t know that it’s Future Thorn doing it?

Or all three of them just trying to fix what Future some other person (Dex?) is messing up?

Acai is absolutely why WiB can Return to The Past and try again.

as for the second question: Persons in Black are a resource that The Time Mage makes use of when necessary because they need someone to whom history doesn’t stick to ‘make changes'(2). Future!Acai sent this!WiB because Acai remembers her being here, but didn’t just tell her what to do because that could cause a timeline-shredding paradox. So, from Present!Acai’s perspective, they’re trying to set right what will go wrong, Future!Acai and Present!WiB are trying to make sure to Keep Right What is Going Wrong When It Shouldn’t.

1: ” Come on, Acai . . . Any second now would be great. ” -Woman in Black, Cracking Up 24/24

2: “The whole point of this power is that you can’t make it into the records. That lets you shape the timeline in precise ways, with minimal unintended side effects. ” -Acai, A Night to Remember 13/33

Anybody else notice how the fracturing doesn’t touch the panel with Violet and Rowan? I’m thinking that because that’s how they’re supposed to end up.

It reminds me of a video game; you aced this chapter and got an “A rank” on it but you screwed up the other chapters and have to go back and fix them or you won’t see the true ending of the game.

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