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Tiny Buns

Tiny Buns published on 17 Comments on Tiny Buns

…While the main storyline right now is a flashback, this might be a flash-forward. (Guess I’ll keep doing this until the present-day timeline gets around to winter again.)

Meanwhile: there’s a new behind-the-scenes Patreon post about the Woman in Black, Acai, and Iona. Give it a look.

A Szélanyanatt procession at the Sønheim Embassy.

Ragnild: Saffron buns! Have some Saffron buns to get you through the long night, officer?

Bryn: Long? At this latitude? It’s not even dark for fifteen hours! . . . but I will sure have a few of those buns, yes.

Sigrún: I, also, will have a bun. Thank you, young ladies.

Ragnild: Wait a second, Captain Sigrún . . .

. . . we actually have a special delivery just for you!

Sigrún: Hm? What kind of —

Ragnild: How are tiny buns a special gift, anyway? They added up to less than one real bun.

Iona: I guess she must really like tiny things.

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And here I thought Saffron Buns was a Ceannic dignitary.

Wait, the day is longer than the night on the solstice? How?

Keeping in mind that Leif and Thorn’s earth has a 26-hour rotation, Szélanyanatt may be late enough after the Solstice that the days are getting longer already. Central is a much more southerly latitude than Sønheim, so their days are probably more equal in length by a wide, wide margin. At the Solstice most of Sønheim only receives 2 hours of daylight.

There’s not a binary switch between day and night, there’s a transitional twilight period in between. To take NYC as an example, full night on the solstice is about 11.5 hours long — the rest is divided into just over 9 hours of full daylight, and just over 3 hours of various stages of twilight.

…but your comment reminded me that, when people are just talking casually rather than looking at charts, they’re not going to say “it’s officially astronomical twilight right now,” they’re just gonna say “it’s dark out.”

So I went and bumped Bryn’s number up a little higher!

Front page CSS or something is borked, boss, as of 7:52 PM EST:

At 42.8 N latitude, I’ve got about 15 hours of darkness currently… out of 24. Seems like I’m further north than the embassy.

Depends on your definition of “darkness.” I just checked the times for NYC, at 40.7 N, and it says about 11.5 hours of true night, plus a total of 3-ish hours from various stages of twilight. So a person could call that anywhere from 11.5 to 14.5 hours based on where they personally think the cutoff is.

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