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To The Lighthouse 14/33

To The Lighthouse 14/33 published on 17 Comments on To The Lighthouse 14/33

Cornouiller (thinking): This is no true way to probe the limits of the alternate magical boy . . .

His physics-breaking use of power happened under extreme stress and fear.

This is fun and games. Even a one-on-one spar between him and Ivy would mean little. He knows she wouldn’t hurt him.

The Time Mage warned us not to do anything to this imported Thorn without the local Thorn’s permission . . .

But perhaps, if it’s not strictly to him . . .

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This seems quite foolish. His options are a) attack Thorn, who at this point would have no qualms retaliating without restraint, b) attack his granddaughter, who is 1) quite powerful and 2) would likely feel betrayed by the action or c) attack Coco, his granddaughter’s mentor, which would likely cause Ivy to become quite ticked off. Even if it produces the desired response from MThorn, Cornouiller has a high likelihood of turning one or more people against him, possibly irreparably. The benefit does not seem to outweigh the risks…

We saw holly get tested. It was exactly this kind of fun and games. and Her mom pointed out Ivy “was in accute danger” “there is an exception when you are the only water mage that can punch a tsunami in the face”.

In a world with magical buracrates (as opposed to exclusivly teen vigilanty like in lil thorns universe)Corniller needs to follow the “under 18 magical girl work place saftey laws” which he should know! Coco definatly does.

Though I’m chill with some OSHA rule breaking if it helps the plot, and you have this complicated almost antanganist right here to cause problems.

Hmm. physics breaking. Thorn doesn’t use ruins to do magic stuff. and the decentagration probably would look different in Cennis, more like Ninokuria’s Wump! in training wreck.

At the council meeting, Cornouiller advocated for keeping this orphan teen instead of risking opening a rift to send him back. If he’s worried now, I take it his real concern isn’t about MThorn, but wanting to test the limits of his magic to have a game plan should MKudzu, MØ, or MLaceleaf’sStalker slip through?

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