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To The Lighthouse 18/33

To The Lighthouse 18/33 published on 5 Comments on To The Lighthouse 18/33

Cornouiller: Container ship pursued by an unknown number of lake monsters, with compromised steering. And brakes.

Official response team has been dispatched to bring it into dock safely. Other water-themed magical girls in the area are to stand by . . .

. . . and report if we have eyes on it.

Ivy: Uhhh, Grandpa?

We have eyes on it.

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Wondering if there is a app that you can use to get shipping information on this world and Heath chose that ship because he knew it was that close to them.

I would not be surprised that, as a government agent, Heath had enhanced access to freight-shipping information that a normal ‘civilian’ wouldn’t. Especially if he was, in fact, the one who gave the ship the ‘hurry up’ order.

Ivy, of course, is your go-to for relation-shipping info, at least for the fandoms she’s into. 😉

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