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To The Lighthouse 6/36

To The Lighthouse 6/36 published on 4 Comments on To The Lighthouse 6/36

Fun fact, this is supposed to be one of the same “twin lighthouses on either side of the mouth of the river” seen way back in Homecoming 5/24. (Wow, my idea of Central’s geography and layout has gotten way more refined since the start of the comic.)

…Had to avoid using “East Bank” and “West Bank” for the two coasts, for fear that someone would try to make this backstory a metaphor for specific real-world events, and then extract complex political opinions out of it.

(My political opinion is very simple: bombing civilians is bad. Nobody should be doing it, nobody should be enabling it, no excuses.)

MThorn: Oh! Now I see why we didn’t take the subway.

In my world, Leif’s just from the other side of the city, not a whole different country . . . I guess here it’s “your part of town” on both sides of the river?

Thorn: Uh . . . no.

Everything on the eastern shore got . . . basically flattened. Magic battle. A few hundred years ago now. Records say it was more than a decade before spirit activity returned to normal.

And we just . . . never built that side up again?

Officially, it’s part memorial site, part nature reserve. Unofficially . . . I think we’re all still paranoid about trying to build anything here bigger than a lighthouse.

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Hope we learn more about this Magic Battle. Was it many magic users going against each other, or two very powerful magic users who had a really bad falling out?

Probably won’t know since it was centuries ago, but it’s fun to theorise.

Or maybe a one versus many situation? A lot of powerful people seem to have this idea they can abuse other people to the point where other people realize they really have to dogpile the powerful person to survive. This is mostly a thing that happens in fiction, but it has been the reason for a number of revolutions over the years.

Like just about every revolution. Though in most of them, it’s more than one powerful person who got out of hand. Although in our world, it’s hard for one person to really have that much power by themselves.

Not every revolution, just the successful ones 🙂

Ok, that’s simplified, but basically revolutions are about group of people wanting to get rid of the ruler. Ruler is kinda powerful by definition, but there are lot of variables: do the revolution has one or more other powerful people on their side? Not as powerful as the ruler but close? How big is that group and are the people not in that group on side of the ruler or just indifferent / afraid to act? Can the ruler really trust the people who are supposed to support him, like his advisors or guards?

But the main difference is that in our world, everyone counts, even if just a little. In magic battle, it’s possible that anyone not having magic would be just collateral damage waiting to happen, keeping total number of combatants low even in the “one against many” situation.

Also, I would totally like to know more about the battle. Although at least we get SOME answers – I remember asking once why there is so much of free space near the city.

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