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Training Wreck 13/29

Training Wreck 13/29 published on 16 Comments on Training Wreck 13/29

As for what the other half of the team thinks of all this . . .

Kokum (thinking): I bet there’s not any kind of prophecy. Atarangi just wants us to think she’s more high-ranked and impressive than she is.

Quince (thinking): I’m sure it’s nothing to do with me.

Senna (thinking): Ooh, I just felt a twinge. Was that a bad twinge? Or is this a normal amount of twinging?

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Hellhound, Panel 1: I’m gonna assume that’s not meant to be there, seeing as there’s no trainer in panel and they’re not on a lead…

Smug Kokum, nervous Quince and Senna: Thinks too much of himself, doesn’t think enough of himself, Thinks about herself just the right amount.

Angry Pascentia, panel 3: Given yesterday’s feature, I’m gonna guess she’s thinking about D10’s place in any specific prophecy…

Are you kidding? Look at the size of that dumbbell! She’s still worked up about being called a reject.

I will fight you, Kokum. I’d lose, because you’re military and I’m a squishy mouse potato, but I’ll still fight you. You smug prick.

Don’t worry, guys like him are more show than substance. Bring a bat and he’ll fall like a bunch of Irish farmers in 1847.

I remember hearing online that full situps are pretty bad for people’s backs. Bob and Brad, two physical therapists whoo have an online presence, included them in a list of “worst core exercises for lower back pain” ( , @2:20 minutes in).

I don’t know how to quickly find primary sources on this, but it seems like the USA Army and Navy are also phasing them out, at least in part due to the damage that it can do to the lower back:

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