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Training Wreck 14/29

Training Wreck 14/29 published on 16 Comments on Training Wreck 14/29

Thorn (thinking): I have my own guess — but it’s based on need-to-know info, so I can’t just ask.

Atarangi (telepathy): I’m afraid this is going to be anticlimactic . . .

I wasn’t officially briefed on the details of this either. I’m just the same kind of magical girl as the Minister of Prophecy — so I can talk to the same spirits she can. When I was assigned to this team, I asked them about you.

“A prophecy sent you here” is . . . honestly all the intel I could get from . . .

Kiki: Tell him how fire spirits are jerks who don’t make sense on purpose!


Thorn: Who was that?

Atarangi (telepathy): I — it was —

Thorn: Nope! No more mind-link. Permission withdrawn.

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Oh come on Kiki! Even Kallie was behaving herself while Atarangi was being touched by the big human.

I feel like I read somewhere that Atarangi isn’t the only system member who’s magical. If that’s true, maybe the reason Kiki, and only Kiki, is adding color commentary, is because she also is magical, and the others can’t front while the body is transformed.

That or Kiki just has poor impulse control, but if I’m right I want to have said it beforehand.

Well, in Kiki’s defense, there’s normally no consequences in coming closer to front to talk to the person fronting – unless that person is an idiot like me who will forget that we’re in public and either giggle loudly or speak aloud in response, but Atarangi seems to have a better grasp on that than I do. It’s not as though anyone outside the system can hear you talking from anywhere within the headspace.

Though I do suppose that, with the mental link and all, Kiki oughtn’t have risked it.

Don’t worry. Randomly giggling aloud in public, or saying half of something to yourself is pretty normal. When ever I see something that reminds me of my spouse, I say her name aloud, and often then I remember that they’re at home and I’m in the grocery store.

So people aren’t going to think you’re ‘weird’.

Especially in the modern age where we have mobile phones and unobtrusive handsfrees. If I see someone talking to themselves I just assume they’re on the phone.

If it’s just one sentence, it’s not phone: phone conversation tend to involve more talking. However, them listening for some music and “singing along” a bit, or listening to audiobook and reacting in particularly intense moment, is definitely an option.

And in grocery store? I often go over the mental (or, in some cases, paper) list of things I wanted to buy then saying the one I didn’t get yet out loud.

Meanwhile, the giggling is totally normal when you remember some joke or something funny. Only time where it’s actually weird when you say something or giggle would be when you talk to someone else and then react or something THEY didn’t said.

That’s a misfortunate situation for the fire spirits to put Kiki and Atarangi’s system into.
“Your team was placed there because of a prophecy.”
“So, what are the stakes? Does Sonheim know? Are people’s lives and happiness at risk? Am I supposed to keep this a secret from my team or tell them or do they already know?”
“No hints.”

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