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Training Wreck 15/29

Training Wreck 15/29 published on 10 Comments on Training Wreck 15/29

Juniper: Everything okay over here, Sir Thorn?

Thorn: Ah . . . Yes.

Just a little disappointed. I don’t think Atarangi’s intel is something we can rely on.

Juniper: Uh . . . How many push-ups did you tell her to do?

Thorn: As many as she could. And that was . . . a while ago.

Is this magic? Are you using your powers — or are you just naturally super-strong when transformed?

Atarangi: Neither, sir. When you’re Tamaputian, “lift your own body weight” isn’t really much of an exercise.

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… if it’s not much of an exercise, then why is she doing the easy version?

Perhaps the “proper” version is hard to draw, or maybe she never learned that version. It could be that this fantasy world never figured out that if you make people stick their legs out all the way, it’s even more torturous.

Also, may I say, I love your name. Did you perchance choose it because of the goddess Branwen?

Wait is that why ants are so strong? I’d assumed it was something to do with their physiology.

That’s exactly why ants are so strong or why fleas can jump so high. Scaled to a human size, ants would collapse under their own weight.
Basically, muscular strength is a function of the square of your size, while weight is a function of the cube. Which means that, with all bodily proportions kept the same, the smaller you are, the stronger you are in comparison to your own weight.

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