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Training Wreck 16/29

Training Wreck 16/29 published on 15 Comments on Training Wreck 16/29

Sword training!


Mental shield training!

Atarangi: Your card is . . .

Running laps!

Water/bathroom breaks!

??? (offscreen): Augh! Backup over here!

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oof, pascentia is even hydrating intensely…

also i love that ceannic playing cards use what we think of as tarot suits!

I mean… The tarot suits WERE the playing card suits at one point, between the original Chinese incarnation of playing cards and the modern one.

Cups became Hearts (♥)
Coins became Diamonds (♦)
Scepters/Wands became Clubs (♣)
Swords became Spades (♠)

It helps nicely remind the reader that The Planet Leif and Thorn Takes Place on Isn’t Earth, kinda like the Stock Market, and whales being fictional.

pas…. babe… calm down, please…

Past will not calm down Shard. She will, instead, calm up.

No, no, both of you are wrong. Pascentia will obviously calm in /all/ directions, including some which we have not yet heard of.

Can Atarangi resize herself? Because she looks like she’s almost a metre tall on the second panel, compared to around 30 cm previously. Even if her hand is right above the cards, I’d say she’s 60-70 cm. And because there’s no reference to judge her distance from the camera, my brain wants to interpret her being further away and closer to human size.

If her hand is right above the cards, she’s about twice as tall as the cards. That seems like the right scale to me.

On the other hand, that’s close enough that a fake psychic could potentially do a couple of different shenanigans to read the cards. This probably doesn’t occur to her, since real psychics are a thing in this world and she’s one of them. I’d guess that they have more direct means to deal with fake psychics than we do, so they’re probably not an issue.

That said, it seems to me that Kokum’s holding those cards way too close to his face. If he’s already legally blind due to extreme nearsightedness, why is he a guard? If he isn’t, he could be setting himself up for vision problems later. (I’m nearly 50, so I should be allowed to sound like a parent sometimes.)

I know that I do that a lot with cards and things I don’t want people to see. He’s probably just trying to hide them.

Note that even assuming you can get vision problems due to focusing too near, I would consider that dangerous for READING, not for looking at simple symbols on cards.

Also, this is mental SHIELD training. Atarangi reading what the cards are is supposed to be failure of training.

But yes, the perspective looks weird.

From the top of the cards to the top of Atarangi’s head there’s about one card-length. The top of the cards is chest-high on her. On a human the distance from chest to top of the head is less than one third of total height. Tamaputians have similar proportions, so I’d say Atarangi is at least three cards tall, probably a bit more. The cards in turn are about two thirds as tall as Kokum’s head, which makes Atarangi at least two Kokum-heads tall.

If we ignore all perspective effects, that puts Atarangi at 50 cm, a typical human head being about 25 cm. There aren’t a lot of clues about perspective, but we do see Pascentia in the background. Kokum’s head is about 4-5 times as large as hers, meaning she’s 4-5 times as far from the camera. In the previous strips the treeline is never far, so their training area doesn’t seem too large. If we assume Pas is 20 metres away, that would put Kokum around 5 metres away. I’d say Atarangi is at least 50 cm away from Kokum (due to personal space and such), which gives an additional 10% height from perspective.

Those distances would mean a focal length of approximately 250 mm though, and telephoto shots like that aren’t very natural when one of the subjects fills such a large part of the picture. They’re sometimes used for forced perspective, but that doesn’t seem to be the case here. It seems more likely that the focal length is half that, maybe even a third, which would accordingly increase the perspective factor for Atarangi’s height to 20-30% and the final result to 60-65 cm.

Meanwhile, on the official height chart ( she seems to be about 45 cm tall. And previously ( as one example) she’s been shown to be about 1.5 human heads tall. So I’d say she’s definitely too tall here.

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