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Training Wreck 17/29

Training Wreck 17/29 published on 9 Comments on Training Wreck 17/29

Thorn: Senna?

Senna: Sir Thorn! The active threat has been neutralized. But it got in a lucky ‘it — I need an ‘ealing boost.

Thorn: Understood. Everyone else: swords out. Juniper, take a headcount. Atarangi, get some altitude — I want eyes in the air.

Senna: . . . It was just the one, sir. Wasn’t that much of a threat.

Thorn: One hellhound isn’t much of a threat. This far out in the wild, there can always be more.

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Oh, so the “Backup over here!” comment yesterday wasn’t about a plumbing problem. Nice misdirection!

Huh, I wasn’t misdirected, I was immediately like “shit, somebody got attacked by a hellhound, didn’t they”.

… On the other hand, I apparently failed to read that it was a “Water/bathroom break”, because I was briefly confused when I got to you saying “plumbing problem” and had to check what in yesterday’s page would indicate plumbing could have been involved. So, win some lose some.

I thought Atarangi’s sky-flying shadow was D10 dropping in from the sky at first because my brain took a moment to process it.
I was rather confused.

Also, this is unrelated to the comic page, but I came across this
today, and I wanted to just go ahead and bring it up here because I don’t have a Deviantart account by which to comment directly, and I couldn’t find an email.
I know you didn’t mean anything offensive by it, but in the description you refer to the deity Jupiter as a part of mythology – if you could instead say something along the lines of “Ancient Roman Religion” (if you’re referring specifically to the way that it was practiced in Ancient Rome, which I’m guessing you were), that would be preferable. I would never assume the right to speak for an entire group, but I do know that I myself as a Pagan am rather bothered by the use of the term mythology to refer to religions that are still practiced today, and I know that there are also others who are bothered, as well. So it’d be better to just refer to ancient religions are ancient religions.
Sorry for the long paragraph.

I’m not sure why would the fact the religion is no longer practiced give anyone permission to make fun of it.

Personally, I don’t interpret “mythology” pejoratively in any way, but English is not my first language so I’m not going to insist my understanding is correct.

Mythology is a term that’s rarely used in an intentionally offensive way, but to be a myth, something has to be fake. You may, for example, see things titled “fact versus myth” and so forth. That’s the issue. It’s dismissive, incorrect, and furthers the idea that the only people who believe in such religions are eight-year-olds obsessed with Percy Jackson that are just going through a stupid phase.

I’m not upset with her for using it, because it’s common language and even I accidentally use the term sometimes. It’s not a very good term to use, though.

To loop back around to your first point, just to clarify, I’m saying that religions that are still practiced shouldn’t be referred to as fake. I’d rather it not be used for anything, really, but I wouldn’t take offense if I were sure nobody believed in the religion being referred to as myth. If that makes sense.

I saw this during a documentary on belief and the spread of human culture a while back. The host was discussing the Navajo stories on their origins, and he kept saying “myth”. The Navajo asked him to stop, because what’s myth to him is their own stories and beliefs that tell of who they are and where they come from.

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