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Training Wreck 18/29

Training Wreck 18/29 published on 18 Comments on Training Wreck 18/29

There was a less-cramped spread of these sword-wielding poses on the November Patreon wallpaper.

Speaking of Patreon, there’s a new behind-the-scenes post up! Deleted scenes & sketches of 2020:

Atarangi: . . . This isn’t good. Normally, you only get one or two wild dogs going hellhound at a time . . . There just aren’t many malicious spirits in any given territory . . .

. . . but it looks like this forest . . . had enough to turn a whole pack.

Thorn: Well! Not enough that we take care of our own jobs — now we should be cleaning up after Fish & Wildlife? Obviously we do it, but there will be a very stern report filed after.

Birch: Go easy on your leg, Senna! I lost mine after a wound just like that!

Senna: Oh, now . . . I’m sure a lucky ‘ellhound scratch can’t compare to a dragon.

Thorn: Monday-Wednesday-Friday guards, take the flank on the left. Tuesday-Thursday-Saturday guards, the flank on the right.

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Who guards the Embassy on Sundays?

There’s two options, really.
Either they swap Sundays – one team does it one week, the other does it the next week.
The alternative is that there is no Sunday, because the calendar is different. We already know that the length of a day is different from ours, but I can’t remember when we learned that. (They either have 23 hours or 26, I legitimately can not remember which, just that it’s not 24.)

It’s 26 hours a day, 338 days in a year, meaning The Planet has roughly the same length of Year as Earth, and Translation Convention gives us the same ‘names’ for days of the week. I think it’s safe to assume they have 7 days a week as far as we’re concerned.

I also have a vague recollection of Thorn using 26/7 where Earthers would use 24/7, but that phrase yields no results in the search and I don’t remember the context to go Archive Diving.

Conjecture- as 338*26=8788, and ~365.25*24=8766, The Planet either has a slightly longer year by roughly one Earth day, OR they have a reverse Leap Day where a day just doesn’t happen to keep their calendars from shifting from their normal seasonal considerations.

I came up with a super powerful character that (maybe?) can be included in a webcomic? Star mage but their staff is a heart-staff :3

Coming up with overpowered character is EASY. Hard part of writing is coming up with characters which have balanced powers and rich enough personality to not be fully described by their powers.

Granted, good writers can make good story even with overpowered characters, but usually not JUST overpowered characters and the “rich personality” part DEFINITELY can’t be skipped.

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