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Training Wreck 19/29

Training Wreck 19/29 published on 19 Comments on Training Wreck 19/29

Rowan: So, hey — Wouldn’t it be funny if this was why a prophecy sent us to Central? Like, for some reason only we could slay the hellhound

that would’ve killed the next Rhodon . . .

or the next Rhodon’s mother . . . their mother’s teacher . . .


their mother’s teacher’s oncologist’s swimming instructor’s father’s —


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Uh… is that hellhound… healing?!?

“Healing” seems like an understatement; Rowan sliced it in half!

Mmmmyep! You can’t nonlethally slice someone in half!

You totally can. Hydra oligactis, also known as the brown hydra, as well as other animals in Hydra genus, can be sliced in half and both halves regenerate to whole hydra. I believe it doesn’t even matter HOW you slice it in half, also you can slice it even to more pieces (although presumably there will be some limit).

To add to the other two comments, now that I think about it there was actually a problem when I lived in the tropics where people were cutting a specific type of starfish in half (because it’s a pest that destroys coral) and dropping it back into the sea, and the starfish just healed out two new halves.

I just thought about something. Khyrin, how many times has the team faced spirit-based threats since they became part of the embassy security detail?

Since hellhounds are spirit-based: two times. The Hellhound that Holly set on fire and today. they’ve also faced 2 potion-based incidents, see The Show Must Grow On and I Got Eight Problems…, which leaves The Vampire Masqurade as the only major incident that didn’t involve Ceannic magic/spirits. The only minor incident worth reporting was Thorn dispatching a pair of hoodlums with Sønheic Death Metal when they thought he was distracted.

Also, I’m not counting Holly and Ivy as a foiling Laceleaf’s Stalker in Fish Story as a ‘Ceannic Magic Incident’, because:
1: that was more of a busman’s holiday.
2: it wasn’t an attack involving the Sønheic Embassy or its staff.

True, but Holly wouldn’t have been in the city if the team hadn’t been posted there, she’d have been peacefully staring at stars out in the observatory.

(I also suspect it’s going to be something more plot interesting that “randomly foil a single stalker or hellhound” but it’s fun to recount their impact on the world so far. 🙂

Ivy did most of the work, and her presence and sense of justice aren’t dependent on Holly’s presence, although she clearly trusted Holly’s judgment as to when the situation had escalated far enough that they should step in.

As for The Prophecy, my money is on Thorn eventually finding himself in Sønheim, bare-chested and screaming defiance from the highest tower of Lady Stanczia and Lord Imri’s castle on his way to rescue Leif in specific, but in the broader picture, part of a movement to topple the Vampire-as-overclass in Sønheim.

Screaming defiance from the highest tower doesn’t sound like smart move, especially if you lack armor.

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