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Training Wreck 2/29

Training Wreck 2/29 published on 17 Comments on Training Wreck 2/29

Me: “What’s a character archtype that’ll be distinct and recognizable when thrown into the mix of Thorn’s team?…hm, how about Kind Of A Dick.”

Kokum: Aw, they probably don’t waste the convenient ranges on the team of screw-ups! Am I right?

Team: . . .

Kokum: What, do we not admit out loud that we’re the team of screw-ups?

. . . Wow, do we not know that we’re the team of screw-ups?

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HA!! I love them already. Where are they from? The red eyes and black hair are so distinctly Vampire…

Probably heard about all the things that have gone wrong for Thorn since the team was moved back to Central, plus Holly throwing a fireball at a Hellhound, and is trying to steer into the skid of what they see as their prospective career, now.

Kokum is either ballsy as fuck, or they’re gonna be “That Guy”.

Also, small side note, unless those ear studs are of religious significance they wouldn’t be wearing them. I had to have this conversation with a junior one time, the only occasion you can wear any earrings or studs is with dress uniforms on formal occasions.

That sounds like a rule for a world without easy, cheap magical healing. Just sayin.

It’s military appearance. I can accept the hairstyles and magical person outfits, but shit like this is about uniformity and professional bearing. If you bend standards in that regard, it really is a slope to some very bad shit later.

Oh, for fuck’s sake. This better not be about the dragon or he’ll launch straight into “fantastically shitty asshole”.

Doubtful. Like mentioned above, Thorn’s team has undoubtedly already acquired quite the rep. I’m more concerned about why the new guy decided they can talk to their new unit like this. It’s one thing to talk about your own unit like a bunch of screwups and rejects, but you NEVER let an outsider do it.

On further thinking from my previous comment, plus your point here…

I’m guessing Kokum thinks the Dragonslayers know that the new Team members are a screw-up detail, having been assigned after Thorn had his little flashback drawing his blade on his birthday.

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