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Training Wreck 20/29

Training Wreck 20/29 published on 13 Comments on Training Wreck 20/29

Juniper: So this is how they were able to build up a pack. Killing them once doesn’t last. Maybe if we chop them into even smaller pieces . . .

Thorn: Atarangi! They look water-based, and I know you don’t multi-class — But if there’s anything you can —



Atarangi (offscreen): I can purify them, but only one at a time!

Thorn: You heard the magical girl — it’s our job to keep them busy.

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[squints suspiciously]
[checks archives]

… That’s either Kiki speaking or a coloring error. See Training Wreck 7/29 for comparison.

It may just be a “this is for convenience so we know it’s her speaking off-screen” colored border, but who knows!

I mean, the color used here matches the one to indicate when Kiki’s speaking internally. Given the consistent previous use of different colors for Atarangi and her headmates, I would have expected the hot pink if it was just supposed to be Atarangi. Since, see 7/29 of this arc, it’s not the previously used hot pink border, I currently expect that it’s Kiki fronting.

If that is Kiki… what if the different alters (I think that’s the right term? Not trying to be offensive, please correct me if there’s a better word) have different elemental alignments? Maybe Kiki is a water mage?

I was more thinking each of The Family enhances different talents when they sit in the metaphorical Navigator’s seat while Aratangi drives, e.g. Kiki is a natural at Purifying spells, while Kallie is a whiz at the medical applications of Fire Magic.

Alters is the correct term, yeah. As for different elemental alignments, I suppose that’s possible. I know that alters can have DISabilities that the body doesn’t have (one of my alters, for example, cannot read. On the more physical end of things, I also know a system with an alter who can’t move one of the legs), so if you toss a bit of magic into the mix, I can see them having different abilities.

Is healing from death something that hellhounds can do? I know the one in the embassy went down easy but the team doesn’t seem to be fazed by this happening.

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