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Training Wreck 22/29

Training Wreck 22/29 published on 15 Comments on Training Wreck 22/29

This storyline is really bringing the Christmas cheer, huh.

Pascentia: Obviously there are big secrets behind where we go and what we do — Things that nobody feels like telling us —

This is relevant information to our lives! It could change any decision we make!

You’d think it was the kind of detail we would have the right to know!


But we don’t. No matter how much of a mess it makes.

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I predict that this storyline will end with Pascentia having a breakdown/crisis that pushes her to deal with (at least some of) her childhood trauma. Dealing with it will, of course, have to be in another chapter.

I am absolutely on board for “Pas comes to terms with everything Rowan and Violet were worried about; Rowan and Violet are Supportive Teammates.”

… Also, I think Pas might have sufficiently ludicrous-gibs’d at least some of those hellhounds beyond what the water spirits can heal up. That is some excellent slicing and dicing, Pas, but then, I understand you’re good in the kitchen too.

I’m amusingly reminded of a D&D game, in which we faced some trolls without access to fire or acid. Apart from that minor issue, we were seriously over-leveled for the trolls.

One of the players, I forget who, came up with the idea of cutting them into small pieces, and then putting the pieces in close proximity to the wrong other parts, so when healing was done, instead of facing three trolls, we faced three `parts may be parts, but there’s some ways of putting them together that’s just wrong.`

I think one of the religious types in the group had some repentance to do over it.

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