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…I just had a thought: What if Atarangi’s system has pieces that are attuned to water?

I believe someone else brought this up already (not to dismiss the validity of your thought, of course, I just want to also give them credit for the thought). I think that it’s quite possible, though I don’t believe Miss Ptah gave a solid answer on whether or not that’s a thing in her fictional universe.

I think I’m the one you’re referring to.

Mostly I’m thinking from a storytelling point of view. It’d be a bit too convenient for a system to just completely revamp the body’s elemental attunement, but I could believe individual alters can utilize the body’s ‘power’ more or less effectively, e.g. a Magical Girl who LOOKS like a Star from the outside, but they’re actually a painfully shy Fire adept with a penchant for sculpting, a mute Nature adept who love to heal, and a gregarious Water adept who fronts for the system working as a triumvirate, letting each other handle their individual specialties.

Ah, yeah, probably. Sorry, I’m horrible with remembering names. And… everything that would save me from embarrassment in a conversation, really.

I don’t remember how the magical system here was detailed out, but normally fictional magic is more soul/heart/mind-related. So then it wouldn’t be too much of a convenience issue. It could also be that Atarangi’s system IS a star mage, but just as alters in the real world might have some sort of thing that they can’t do that the body can, the members of the system have ‘disabilities’ that prevent them from using all of the magic.

No problem~!
the one relevant fact that I can think of here is Heartswords and Base Magical Affinity persist between incarnations, to wit, a powerful Magical Girl Longrunner can accrue wisdom, she needs to rebuild her ability from its nadir each incarnation, just as Sir Rhódon would have to re-learn how to swing The Rose Blade effectively. That implies to me that while the Soul(s) provide the spark(s), the body still plays an important part in maintaining the flame.

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