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Training Wreck 24/29

Training Wreck 24/29 published on 11 Comments on Training Wreck 24/29

Thorn: In a minute we’re going to break into groups, and sweep the area for stragglers, just in case.


Senna, take a fresh med scan — if those injuries also come back, I want advance warning. Anyone else take a hit? No?

Okay, good. Team, fall in —

Atarangi: Oof!

Thorn: Oh! Atarangi, you did great, now give your magic a rest.

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Uh, Atarangi? I don’t think he meant “fall in” quite that literally…

It’s fine. With her square/cube advantage, falling from that height isn’t nearly as big of a deal as you probably think it is. (I know for certain it’s not as big of a deal as my gut thinks it is.)

To be clear, she only has a square/cube advantage for things like this, where having weight is a disadvantage. But I think her magic is a big help for those areas where she has a square/cube disadvantage. That’s good for her, because her square/cube disadvantage would otherwise be nigh insurmountable.

Honestly, I wouldn’t be surprised if Tamaputians get to make use of the trick that squirrels have where their terminal velocity (max falling speed) is so low that they can survive any fall from any height.

I mostly just made that comment for the joke.

So who wants to place money on a bet that it’s the personality that likes being in the hands of “giants” that’s at the front right now?

Assuming that Aratangi’s family is a system of 5 alters.
Aratangi is okay being picked up.
Kallie enjoys being picked up.
Kiki, Kaleo, and one other alter who is only referred to as ??? haven’t spoken up on the subject as far as I can remember.

I’m guessing the odds are as follows.

3:1 odds the body is legit experiencing fatigue.
1:3 odds Kallie is fronting.
4:1 ??? actively dislikes being held.

I at least don’t think that’s Atarangi anymore. Could be why the magic suddenly cut out.

If it’s not Atarangi in this strip would they wear the same outfit as the transformed magical girl? When they purified the spirits they were off-panel or in the shadows. The flash in the first panel should be Atarangi taking back the body and transform.
Guess there’s a difference between fronting with a statement, like we saw Kiki doing and having control over the body?

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