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Training Wreck 25/29

Training Wreck 25/29 published on 16 Comments on Training Wreck 25/29

Thorn: All right, everybody listen. If there’s a prophecy about us coming to Central . . .

That could be for any number of reasons. And Rowan’s right — it could be some teensy butterfly effect. We might not even live to see the storm.

But if it’s more than that . . . There’s somebody adjacent to us who’s in witness protection. If it’s related to them, and you dig, and the wrong intel gets out . . .

Do not look into this on your own. That’s an order.

But: if I learn anything that can be shared with you safely, I will. Because it’s relevant, and you have the right to know.

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PROPHECIES ;-; But I do have a few questions…
1. People like Larch, Birch, and Leif seem to have green, blue, and purple hair. I can tell it is not dyed, since Ivy’s hair is dyed and we can see her roots. Is this a quirk of the universe?
2. Are only fire spirits able to show prophecy?

Benevolent Fire Spirits are specifically mentioned as “Good for Prophecy” in Crystalpedia, and during the incident in which Rowan caught The Whispers, Young!Goldenrod (correctly) asserts to Young!Bramble that Young!Magus Persil is a shoo-in for the next Minister of Prophecy. All three are Fire Magic specialists. This would seem to indicate that Fire Spirits are at least the best at prophecy, if not the only ones who can DO prophecy.

1) A lot of my influences and inspirations are anime, so yeah, this is natural in-universe. You gotta have blue hair.

2) Yes (unless I have a better idea in the future)

3) It’s been a while since I’ve added to those, huh…Covered some Vampire Hunter and Magical Thorn as recently as 2020, some In Space! in 2019, everything else is 2018 or earlier. There’s just so much main-timeline content to cover, I haven’t had any spare Sundays.

Any particular AU you’re most interested in getting back to?

I kind or really want a continuation (or conclusion) to Magical Thorn and the Kudzu Reveal. How do you even deal with that?! Is K gonna get his butt kicked before the redemption arc?! Will we see precious Calyx again?

Magical Thorn is the one AU where I had an overarching plot (instead of “a series of joke ideas that may or may not go anywhere”) in mind from the start! So I know what’s happening in the whole next two Acts — it’s just a matter of finding the right time to deploy them.

Why does Pas have blood on her chest? She did not have blood on her two strips ago! O.O

My guess is when she sheathed her very blood-coated sword the blood doesn’t go in with the sword (imagine the infection rates of heartsword wielders) but neither does it vanish cleanly. So it got stuck on the clothes and the outside of the skin in the process. Note how it matches the heartsword scar line.

Love how ‘Atarangi’ still isn’t really in view so we still don’t know is she’s really the one in control right now.

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