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Training Wreck 26/29

Training Wreck 26/29 published on 8 Comments on Training Wreck 26/29

The secretary here is a cameo of Strontium, as a reward for backing the Volume 3 Kickstarter!

Secretary: Hello again, Sir Thorn! Checking out?

Thorn: Not yet. I need the nearest forest rangers on the line. Oh, and a map! The bigger, the better.

Birch: Just hit the east ridge, and nothing’s tried to eat us yet.

Thorn (phone): Good! Start circling back.

Thorn: All quadrants clear — everyone back to the range.

Secretary: A cleanup team is on the way.

Thorn: That’s good! Keep on holding it together! You can freak out as much as you want once you get home.

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You may tell yourself that, Thorn. But you live in an apartment. Your nearest neighbor lives within meters of your door, not kilometers.

No, you really can’t freak out as much as you want. You will just be able to freak out as much as you’re willing to admit you want.

It all depends on the neighborhood. back when I was in high school, one of the other students on my bus first learned about her neighbor nearly burning down his house from ME, which was really surprising as we drove past the now-extinguished lot twice between picking her up from her home and dropping her off after school.

(before anyone asks, her mother petitioned the school system to not transport her daughter through my neighborhood as we were at the top of a hill. I don’t know why that was such a breaking point.)

… why Thorn wants to freak out so much? I mean, there would be few reasons to freak out, but nothing seems THIS serious to me … what did I missed?

I think there being a prophecy about him and his team would be a big enough deal. We don’t know how the average Joe in Ceannis thinks of having a prophecy about themselves, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s a Big Deal. And Thorn has probably had enough of big deals since one crisped him.

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