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Training Wreck 27/29

Training Wreck 27/29 published on 9 Comments on Training Wreck 27/29

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Secretary: Oh, by the way — you’ve earned dibs on any scavenging from the bodies!

Thorn: Uh . . . there’s not a whole lot left to scavenge.

Senna: . . . but it turns out the horns are the most valuable part! How lucky is that?

Are you sure you don’t want more, Atarangi? You can actually turn them into potions. I’m just going to sell them on cBay.

Atarangi: Don’t forget, as Kokum so politely brought up earlier: I live with my family. I don’t get enough shelf space to bring home two of these.

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Question for the people with systems, is there ever a point where you’re basically fighting with each other over shit like this?

I don’t know about other systems, but it’s not an issue ours has. Now, there are issues when someone *cough*me*cough* forgets to pick their stuff up from the floor and it just sits there for days, but other than that, no.

Oh, I guess it might be valid to note that there have been “get your body pillows out of the living room” issues on occasion between Valeria and Aislinn in regards to the innerworld-house-thing we’ve got going on internally. But there’s not really that much of a fight, Aislinn just has the attention span of a three-year-old on a nature walk (gosh, I really miss volunteering at the nature center) and leaves her everything everywhere when something else catches her attention.

System or no, she could probably only get one home anyway. That horn is big enough to be a furniture piece in a Tamaputian household. It’s less about ‘shelf space’ and more about ‘floor space’ in this situation.

I’m not a system, and I’ve fought with myself over shit like this.

I feel like it happens when one lives in a space which is too small. Like, when I was living with someone in a roughly 15 foot by 10 foot room, I managed to not overflow into my roommate’s space. But only by fighting with myself about this kind of crap a lot.

That said, I’m sure better organizational skills and stuff would help with this a lot. I had some problems as a kid I’m still working through that give me issues in this area.

Sometimes! My partner system has a fictive that doesn’t front a lot, but when they do it’s very important to them to have a sword in the house. So we’re storing a sword that belongs to someone who “visits” maybe once every six months.
I do this willingly and happily, but it can’t be denied that our apartment is quite small.

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