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Training Wreck 28/29

Training Wreck 28/29 published on 33 Comments on Training Wreck 28/29

Back home, our heroes finally get a chance to react to the day’s events in private . . .





Thorn: At least we all lived.

Pas: . . . Thorn’s not wrong.

Atarangi: Next time we’ll do better.

Kokum: I said, no pickles!

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This is me when I get home from work every day. After my long days working as a team lead in a job where if I fuck up, or my subordinates fuck up, people can, and do, go to jail as a result… though usually our clients are the ones who do, and not me nor my subordinates. which makes it worse, not better. And I’m not even a lawyer. I do people’s taxes for a living!

Oh, America. 🙁 When I made a mistake on my Canadian taxes, they called me up to talk about it and when we couldn’t figure it out, they asked me to mail in extra information and then made a ruling about what I should have done, sent me a lovely legal writeup about it and presumably billed my sketchy employer for the money owed. I was expecting to owe some myself, but nope. All they wanted from me was information.

Man, this page is such a mood, just in general.

Why is Kaleo getting yelled at? SHE’S not the one who spoke out. Although I guess it would be wrong to yell at Kiki, because she’s, y’know, a kid.

I don’t know how systems work… But maybe it’s less that Kallie is being yelled at and more that Kallie is making Atarangi feel heard by being present as she vents her frustrations?

Also, I’m unsure that Kiki is mentally any younger than Kallie and Atarangi. She has a youthful way of speaking, but she was also the one who actually designed the tattoo with which all the headmates agreed to decorate their body.

At least with the systems I’ve met,

– Accomplishments do not relate to perceived age of headmates
– Time since they “appeared” does not necessarily relate to perceived age of `younger` or `older` headmates. To a lesser extent, this can apply to any headmate.
– How they express themselves usually *does* relate to the perceived age.

For example, one system I’ve known had an artist headmate whose perceived age was around 5. They were actually the oldest still present headmate, having been around since the system was actually 5.

Just to be clear, their artwork had the refinement you’d expect from an adult artist. But they had been given a lot of crap about continuing to spend time on art post kindergarten, from parents who were concerned about their child growing up to become a starving artist. (So instead they grew up to be a starving artist with a lot of mental health issues. To be fair, if that was the only abuse they’d suffered from these parents, they probably would’ve been OK. They might not have even gone into art. But art had been the last thing their parents praised them for. Negative training, by itself, does not work.)

I think I understand the thrust of your statement. Mostly I was wondering where this idea that Kiki is a ‘younger’ alter/headmate came from, as her erudition is on par with Kallie and Atarangi’s, and the only truly childish behavior she’s exhibited is speaking out of turn twice by ‘fronting’ when she wasn’t supposed to.

That’s Kiki being yelled at in the mirror. Center-parted hair, light-pink eyes, nervous expression. Kallie would have side-parted hair (opposite side from Atarangi), yellow/gold eyes, and more stamina for arguing back.

You know Kokum, there’s this revolutionary solution to when someone puts pickles on a burger when you ask them not to. It’s called taking them off.

Unfortunately, that works about as well as scraping off ketchup or mustard.

I like pickles. I’m OK with ketchup, and mustard can be OK.

That having been said, I try a lot of different things.

It’s my personal experience that scraping off ketchup and mustard works better than removing the pickles, if you’re wanting to avoid the flavor of whatever you’re removing. This is especially true if you take the time to be thorough.

If you don’t like pickles and they put pickles on your burger, take off the pickles and the bun they touched or the lettuce they touched. and scrape off enough of the burger side that touched the pickles so that all of the exposed surface has been removed onto your plate. This will make a lot of burger shavings, but they’ll all taste of pickles, so…

(This was not a technique I came up with. I just happened to encounter a pickle hater who went to those lengths, and, well, it works. Yes, it tends to take off the ketchup and mustard, but on an open-face burger, you really prefer the ketchup and mustard to be between the burger and the remaining bit of bun.)

In most sandwich shops that I frequent, not putting the pickles on in the first place is the option that requires less effort. It is literally doing something to the sandwich that the customer asked you to NOT do. While morally ‘acceptable’. you are costing the store admittedly very small amounts of money when you give ingredients to people who did not ask for and do not want them.

Where does this ‘just scrape it off/remove it from your sandwich’ end? it is a breach of trust between customer and company. What if Kokum had an allergy to cucumber and didn’t notice? In this case, Kokum could tell the sandwich had pickles from the outside. What if they used pickle slices instead of pickle spears? What if those slices were arranged such that you had to take the sandwich apart to even notice them? Should all customers with food allergies have to make their food themselves to be sure they won’t be killed?

Additionally, even if it’s NOT a food allergy and just a textural or taste preference… why is that beneath notice? Why shouldn’t a reasonable preference, stated upfront, be honored?

Here here! As someone who despises tomatoes, i feel this and totally agree. it could be an allergy, it could be just a normal preference, but at the end of the day it’s the server’s job to serve you. likewise, however, it’s your job to be polite, if firm, with them when you go up to ask them to fix it. yelling or getting upset is rude, just politely inform them they got the order wrong and most of the time, all will be well.

If someone’s made that burger a hundred times, it can be really hard to interrupt that habit and not do the pickle part.
Still just as much of a problem, especially with pickles, but I won’t be mad about it. Just disappointed 😉

And from what I’ve heard, a lot of people with allergies do end up having to cook for themselves a lot :/ or find a few restaurants they can trust. It shouldn’t be that way, but enforcement ain’t always up to par and too many humans don’t care about other people :/

Tiernan looks like she’s regretting her emotional support career.

Also, Kokum, dude, I get that it’s annoying when that happens, but unless you’re allergic, there is /really/ no need to yell at the poor person. They probably just made a mistake, and I doubt you have a moral or religious issue with pickles.

In his defense, that bag looks like a takeout bag to me, which—plus the box the sandwich is in—says to me that it’s much more likely he picked up his food and got all the way home (or had a delivery person come all the way out) before finding out they messed up his order. As someone who’s been in the same situation many times, I’d yell, too—to myself, not at someone in particular

Ah, that would be far better. I can definitely condone shouting at the walls about a messed up order. I have done the same.

Granted, that was because someone put animal corpse on my meal, not something as trivial as pickles. But anyways.

OMG, don’t get me started. Unrequested animal corpses are the worst. In part because, unlike pickles, the unrequested animal corpse is pretty much always instead of the main core ingredient that you actually ordered. Also, they’re as bad as pickles about getting over *everything*, so what you end up with that you can actually eat is generally at most one of the buns.

y e s

And the worst is when it’s ground up into your meal – it’s absolutely disgusting and very much present, but you can’t even attempt to salvage any of it because it’s all covered in little bits of corpse. Like, dude, why do you think I asked for something with no meat? Maybe because I didn’t want this? Just a thought?

Would you prefer live animal? The pickle may easily be still alive while you eat it. The lettuce definitely is.

(If you see this as making fun of what you said, remember that it’s not making fun of your food preference, but of the way you described it.)

Why, yes, I would. A living animal could be saved.

However, I understand the oddness of how it sounds. I say that on purpose – after all, it’s not food, it’s a dead sentient being. That’s my reminder to myself (and to everyone around me who thinks that it’s okay to tell me I should be eating it) that it is not to be consumed. It’s tempting, sometimes, because they put it in things that otherwise look good.

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