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Training Wreck 29/29

Training Wreck 29/29 published on 5 Comments on Training Wreck 29/29


…now I have to come back around to this plot within the same print volume, so it’ll be less than a year before the follow-up, I promise.

ETA from November 2021: Okay, I ended up kicking this to the next print volume anyway. But it did come back 2 months before the one-year-later mark.

Violet: Still wish we’d gone to a training range closer to home?

Rowan: . . . Okay, Violet, you’re right. We would’ve missed out. So, about this intel we’re not supposed to look into . . .

Violet: Let’s not even talk about it.

Violet (thinking): Given how Thorn’s party went . . . I have guesses. And the temptation to tell Rowan all the juicy details is —


Rowan: Whoa!

MCLIS is coming to Central, to film their season finale on location! The whole crew will be in town! Archie will — We’ve only ever talked on the net, but now he’ll be here in person

New pitch: let’s talk about literally nothing other than this for at least the next week.

Violet: Yes! Let’s go with that.

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The good ship RowArch will soon put out to sea. The question is… Was it prepared for the Shipping Wars?

“My dearest Zenkat21,

Three months out from port we saw our first combat. The foe were Rowlet shippers, believers in the idea that Rowan and Violet were meant to be a couple. I cannot stand their insistence that a clearly homosexual man would be attracted to a woman, yet here we sail against them. The RowChie Navy is a strong fleet, and so feel on them like Ivy’s squees on a cute animal.

They were strong in conviction, these enemy shippers. Even as the evidence sank their ships they fought valiantly against us. A great cheer went up among our number as the last of their posts was made.

I shall return soon, my dear, and we will celebrate together the triumph of our cause.”

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