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Training Wreck 4/29

Training Wreck 4/29 published on 15 Comments on Training Wreck 4/29

Kokum: So we’ve got a handful of survivors who need an easy job, right . . .

. . . with no risk of meeting anything even slightly dragon-related.

And when the job needs more people, you get: Me, with my “disciplinary issues” . . .

Quince, with his anxiety . . .

Quince: Also leave me out of this. Please.

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EVERY unit gets a fuck-up with discipline issues, you prick.

Side note, if Quince’s anxiety is actually that big a problem, how’d he get in? I’ve met guys who say they’ve had problems with their anxiety, but never to the point where it 86s their performance.

It could be anxiety issues that he got after some sort of trauma while he was in the armed forces? I don’t know what, despite being a military brat I’m pretty clueless about everything going on in the military, but I’m sure there’s something that could have happened. Or it could be that it’s not that bad, but Kokum being Kokum is making it out to be a serious issue. Or both.

I mean my old platoon sergeant told me he had anxiety, but he was so good at managing it I was surprised by the revelation. If you anxiety is so bad it interferes with the performance of duties, even borderline, then there’s an issue. If it is Kokum being a dick, that just means unit cohesion is gonna suffer.

I’ve been told I have anxiety issues, but a lot of the concerns I bring up that are noted as “anxiety issues” are confirmed as real problems by the higher ups and contribute to my being considered a high performing employee.

Likewise, I could see a guard with “anxiety issues” going on rounds or checking on odd things they’ve noticed more than a disciplinary issue like Kokum, and being rated more highly as a result.

For that matter, I know someone who sometimes has worked as a security guard, who has had coworkers who identify any coworker who actually does their job as having anxiety issues. These particular coworkers only tend to last until someone in charge notices that they’re not doing their jobs to a sufficient degree to get rid of them.

Good grief Kokum, what’s next? Are you going to pull out a bone saw too?

Any other speculation on what kind of weapon Kokum is packing?

Kokum’s heartsword is listed in their wiki entry: Backsword.
Backswords are described as “pessimists… practical and determined”. We’re seeing the pessimism front and center, and a certain amount of practicality.

I feel they’re going to start missing Marula.

Might be right there. As far as I can remember Marula was just bloodthirsty, but Kokum seems intent on insulting every single person on the team, likely in an effort to make themselves feel better. Very suspicious they were sent here to have qualified people look after them- ya know, the OPPOSITE of what’s being implied here.

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