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Training Wreck 5/29

Training Wreck 5/29 published on 18 Comments on Training Wreck 5/29

Kokum: As for Atarangi —

Atarangi: If you’re about to say that being Tamaputian is a problem . . .

Kokum: Aw, not at all! I know you can still fireball me in the face, easy as any other mage.

Quince (thinking): Don’t say that with me sitting in the middle

Kokum: But I hear you have some weird codependent family that won’t let you leave the city. Wouldn’t humor them if I ran the Order, but no one asked me.

Atarangi’s headspace:

Kiki: Is that us?? Is he talking about us?!?

Kallie: Stars, of course we’d let you move. We just all have to agree on where.

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That’s right, you jerk, no one asked you.

He had better at least not know that they’re a system. If he knows they’re a system, and still chose to refer to them in such a manner, I’m rooting for face-fireball (sorry, Quince).

How do systems typically interact with the outside world? I have only met one system which left me with a poor impression (bit of an understatement, more like terror and years of therapy, but that was due to the fact that the collective was abusive, narcissistic, and gas-lighting). I assume you (ya’ll?), Echo, have met/interacted with other systems? (‘Cause you know, internet) What seems to be the general theme for outside interactions?

Y’all, though I’m the only one you’ll be talking to here.

And talking to other systems can be a bit hectic sometimes. The one we’re closest with hasn’t been online for a while, but when they were there was always something going on. They were a very large system, though, so I suppose that was to be expected. Almost all the alters were nice, and I never really talked to any of those who weren’t nice myself, so I’d say they made a pretty good impression.
Our system is a lot smaller, and I think the most hectic thing about it is our scriptive who insists on stuffing the innerworld with body pillows of her husband. Normally I’m the only one handling interactions, too, so it’s fairly consistent, and I’d like to say we also make a good impression to those who don’t tell me that I’m possessed and that if I don’t rid myself of the demons they’ll force me down a dark path.
So I think it really depends on the system, but generally I think it’s more pleasant than not. I’m sorry to hear about your experience with that particular system, though. I hope you’re more or less alright now.

Atarangi’s magical supervisors know she’s plural, but nobody on the team does (not even Thorn). It’s considered a private medical situation.

Her current commander has no knowledge of a major and pertinent medical condition?

Given the comment last strip about disciplinary issues, I’m guessing that Kokum has made the mistake of badmouthing at least one superior officer (or maybe just kept it up after being told to stop by an officer).

You’d need to badmouth pretty damn loud to get transferred because of it, and pretty consistently. Which makes me wonder if he’s only on his first tour, because unless he’s got some mad connections they’d be well within rights to bounce his ass.

Point taken. I didn’t think about what the actual reaction to that would be. You’re right that he wouldn’t get transferred specifically because of it, so he may well be someone who was put in Thorn’s unit out of basic (probably in the hope that he would get less prone to badmouthing people over time).

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