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Training Wreck 6/29

Training Wreck 6/29 published on 26 Comments on Training Wreck 6/29

Kokum: Senna, obviously, has her medical recovery going on. Not a screw-up on her end, but still a catch.

And Pascentia . . .

. . . Pascentia, who is perfect at literally everything, is an outlier and should not have been counted.

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Fuck it, all in favor of throwing a blanket party on this fucker, say aye.

What is a blanket party?

It’s a form of corporal punishment common to peer groups in which the entire group is bunked together, such as the military and military academies.

In short, the victim, while asleep, has a blanket thrown over them and held down so they can’t escape while the rest of the group beats them with improvised flails, usually a bar of soap in a sock or towel. This was utilized in the film Full Metal Jacket when one member of the platoon kept getting the whole platoon punished for their ineptitude.

He’s not wrong, though, is he? We’ve even seen Gerri worry that the embassy job wasn’t *enough* of a sinecure. Pascentia as I recall was assigned because she had taken on too many side tasks.

The problem is… Fire Prophecy Sez it needs to be Thorn’s Team doing this to prevent disaster/ensure the best path for Ceannis… But they don’t know if this is meant to be a sinecure or if one or all of the team will actually be essential when the time comes.

I’m pretty sure it needs to be Thorn’s team for multiple important reasons.

To be slightly less vague, I think Thorn’s relationships with both Leif and Kale are kind of critical to stuff. A random placement for the embassy would probably not include anyone who would take any notice of servant sign language usage. They also probably would’ve steered clear of Kale Romarin, who is clearly *very* important to the fire spirits.

But it’s also quite possible that Thorn is one of a very small set of people who’d be both attractive to a long term embassy servant and Kale. It’s my impression that Leif is easily the servant with the longest expected servitude at the embassy, and also one of the best at compartmentalizing in a way they perceive as ‘loyal’, so that could just be relationship compatibility with both Leif and Kale.

I could see things ending up where the fire spirits need to invade Sønheim and to do that, they need *somebody* who can motivate them going that far out of their comfort zone – which could just be Kale. Without Thorn, Leif and Kale wouldn’t get sufficiently involved for that to happen.

That said, I expect that it’ll come down to being critical that all of them are involved there… including this annoying person.

Pas’ upbringing would definitely contribute to this glower of doom reaction, but she might still be on edge from the shock of her sibling’s secret and attempted murder for reasons which must remain classified.

Is this storyline just a few days after the party, or have a few months passed? Outdoor scenes in Family Desserts and Plus Ones look pretty summery, and page one of this storyline looks pretty autumnal (and pretty in general).

Wow… ok, I wouldn’t say “discipline issues “ are your big problem. You appear to have less common sense and courtesy than nature gave to the average goose.

It’s a lovely morning outside Central, and you are a horrible Kokum.

Except I find the untitled goose more charming.

Of course the goose is more charming.

You don’t know what ‘Honk’ means. The untitled goose could be saying all kinds of derogatory things, and we’d never know.

If Kokum only said ‘Honk’ repeatedly as the only sound ever made, how would Kokum compare with the goose then? I suppose for a full comparison, we’d need a complete list of Kokum’s tasks. I expect Kokum’s tasks include some things that would make people less opposed, and then something that would get nearly everyone to be calling for vivisection or something similarly unpleasant.

Okay, I’m ready for him to die now. It will amuse me greatly. Preferably by dragon so he realizes, in his last moments, what the others went through.

At the very least, I want him humbled, painfully. His crack about “if I ran the order” shows he things far too highly of himself. If I had to guess, I’d say he has goals and ambitions far beyond his ability and hasn’t *quite* grasped that.

Or, he has said ability, but not the brains/mentality to lead and hasn’t been able to advance. So he thinks he’s not where he “deserves” to be, rank-wise and has a chip on his shoulder, manifesting as being a pain in the ass – i.e. discipline issues.

Actually, I’d rather he just die. Horribly. (the benefit of stories is you can wish death on people based on personal dislike ^_^)

Pascentia used Intimidate.

It was super effective.

((I know intimidate is an ability not a move, but it just feels right))

Glare is a move!

I definitely know this from knowing Pokemon and not from scrolling through Bulbapedia’s list of status moves

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