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Training Wreck 9/29

Training Wreck 9/29 published on 11 Comments on Training Wreck 9/29




Violet: We getting a follow-up on that prophecy reveal, Sir Thorn?

Thorn: This is the only context in which I’ll say “shoot first, ask questions later.”

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Points for showing them stretching before running.

Minus points however, I’ve never once done unit PT when on the range.

Maybe it’s a Ceannis thing?

I could also see it being a remote range that doesn’t have a lot of people wanting to use it, and it’s cold out there, and the PT is not just about limbering up, but also warming up.

Or, maybe there are separate areas for PT and shooting. The one time my uncles took me to an archery range, there were some areas nearby for various other physical activities. The archery range was definitely separated from them, but it’s a lot easier to separate an area for bows than guns. Even when you’re talking crossbows and longbows, you aren’t talking nearly the muzzle velocity or damage range of a gun. A stout wood wall would be enough to block bolts for a good long while, but probably not nearly as long for blocking discharge from an assault rifle.

In-universe, it’s a Ceannis thing.

…The more important answer is, I wanted to draw a mix of actions that move them around to different parts of the range, instead of being stuck on “same background scenery and they’re all holding crossbows” in every panel.

They aren’t: notice the background foliage is different.

They are. Being on range means their appointed place of duty is the range. And given you’re up at Fuck-Me o’clock, crammed on the transport, and have to wait at least another hour or two to start shooting, you aren’t crucified if you PT on your own.

Though having said that, this is the fastest I’ve ever seen it go from arrival to getting ready to fire.

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