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Transgender Day of Remembrance 2015

Transgender Day of Remembrance 2015 published on 11 Comments on Transgender Day of Remembrance 2015

Entry for this year’s Transgender Day of Remembrance Webcomic Project. Honoring the trans people who’ve been senselessly murdered since last November, and the unknown number of people like Leelah Alcorn who were socially and emotionally abused to their deaths.

Speak against it, vote against it, fight against transphobia wherever you meet it.

Be strong. Stay safe. Take care of yourselves. And on days when the road is hardest, don’t forget that there are people out here fighting for you.

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… whoa. I’m not surprised by Brazil, but USA holding second place? I though they are civilized …

The US has a lot of wonderful non-murderous people…but we also have plenty of transphobia (intermixed with sexism and homophobia) and some serious violence issues in general. So this is what happens when they interact.

That said, these aren’t comprehensive statistics, they’re just what the organizers of the website could find in the news. So countries that don’t appear here aren’t off the hook — it just means they have trans murders that go unreported, or where the victim’s trans identity doesn’t make it into the news, or where the whole thing happens in a language this group can’t monitor.

Is Juniper Trans*, or did you just pick a character to use?

Juniper is agender! Hasn’t been mentioned in the strip yet (with no narration, there haven’t even been any lines that use their pronouns), but it’ll come up eventually.

Speaking of which, did Timothy/Camellia have any influence on your decision to name everyone in this story after plants?

I didn’t even realize timothy grass was a thing! In general I’ve always liked plant names, so that shows up a little in BICP, with Timothy/Camellia liking flower names (imprinting on Lily, and following through with the names Camellia and Reseda). And when it came time to build a fantasy world from scratch, I figured I’d go all-out.

I’ve named all my dogs for plants or flowers… Daisy, Clover, Blackberry Fizzgigg, Thistle, Sage, Zinnia, Cosmos Buckeye, Marigold, RosePetal, Chloë (an Orphan, she was already named, but Chloë is the Queen of Flowers, so I accepted it). When Petal has babies, one will be named Violet (Letty). I have other names for the other pups…

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