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Underestimated published on 5 Comments on Underestimated

Criminal 1: We’ll get famous for robbing the Sønheic Embassy!

Criminal 2: Yeah! It’ll be easy, see . . .

One of the guards is always getting distracted talking to someone inside the grounds . . . We let him do that, and wait till the other one’s on a washroom break . . . then we sneak right past!

[heh heh heh]

Thorn: Leif! Good afternoon!

I have been listening to the “death metal” music you like.

Leif: Wow, really? What do you think?

Thorn: Let me put on the song that I like best so far!


Leif: Ohh, that’s one of my favorites too! Honestly, I was afraid the genre would be too much for you. A lot of people don’t like it. Sorry I underestimated you!

Thorn: Don’t be sorry!

It’s not always bad when someone underestimates you.

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