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Vampire Hunter Thorn #1

Vampire Hunter Thorn #1 published on 2 Comments on Vampire Hunter Thorn #1

Leif: H-help . . .

Thorn: Put the man down and back away slowly!

Vampire: Ohhh, no. He’s too delicious! If you want to shoot me, fine — but it’ll have to be through him.

Thorn: I don’t want to shoot you!

Vampire: Eh?

Thorn: Don’t you recognize me yet? Don’t you know my name? I am the
hunter known as . . .

. . . Thorn the Extremely Nice!

Vampire: The legendary vampire hunter who has almost never killed anybody?

Leif: I am so screwed.

Thorn: Tell him what happens to the monsters who don’t accept my offer to be peaceful and cooperate.

Vampire: Oh, those guys you totally kill.

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