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Vampire (Hunter) Thorn #15

Vampire (Hunter) Thorn #15 published on 3 Comments on Vampire (Hunter) Thorn #15

Thorn: Leif . . . I’m thinking I should find somewhere else to stay.

Leif: What? Why?

Thorn: I’m stronger than I was, when I came to you for help. Faster, too! I’m catching more prey on my own.

And I’m always getting hungrier.

I tried not to kill the feral dog, I just — I couldn’t drink any less blood. It wasn’t enough. I think soon I won’t be sated with anything but human.

Leif: Thorn! I’m human. You can have me!

Why didn’t you say anything before? I’d let you — you could’ve just asked

Thorn: [NOPE]

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